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HVP creates short-film documentaries highlighting untold African American history.

God's people will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated.

- Isaiah 61: 1-4

Our Mission

Hiztorical Vision Productions is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization located in Alabama. HVP partners with local communities throughout Alabama to produce short-film documentaries that help protect and preserve the often-untold African American narratives found in the area. Rather than focusing on stories of victimization, our mission with HVP is to document the success stories of those who were civically engaged or made contributions to this country with the hopes of starting conversations, uplifting generations, and encouraging social advocacy. We help educate, motivate, and inspire people from all walks of life by bringing little known black history to life in the form of uplifting short films for all.

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Fuel a movement to educate, motivate, and inspire local communities with uplifting short-films about the hidden success stories in African American history that happened in many of our own backyards!

All donations are tax deductible and will be used to support the pre-production, production, and post-production expenses related to completing new historical documentaries.


Thank you so much for your sharing the film Hobson City: From Peril to Promise. This documentary offers a compelling story while it preserves the history of Hobson City, Alabama.

Karen NeurohrOral History Association

Very nice, Theo! Informative and well executed. Cool to see the reenactments and it looked and sounded great. Thanks for sharing that little bit of history.

J. BurnsArea 47 Sound

WOW!!! This was powerful and impactful on so many levels. Thanks for sharing this important piece of history and for the reminding us:
1. Our history is more than slavery
2. Education is a privilege
3. We MUST stand up to exercise our right to vote...I’m a fan!

S. MilnerHBCU in LA Internship Program

Loved This! Need more films done to make sure our children will know of the past, a rich history..... GREAT!

J. MalonsonAlabama State University Alum

Hiztorical Vision Productions of Auburn does some great award winning documentaries of African American history in Alabama & around the southeast. Glad to work with you on your latest project.

Cam WardAlabama State Senator

This organization is phenomenal! I am so appreciative of this organization for covering the inspiring story of the historic town of Hobson City, Alabama. Great things are ahead for this passionate organitization.

Alberta McCroryMayor of Hobson City

It is so refreshing to see an organization that is operated by young profressionals who see the importance of our history.

Barbara Boyd Ed.DAlabama Rep.

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