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Our Internship Program

Hiztorical Vision Productions’ Bama Black History 365 Internship Program provides young leaders with the hands-on experience of assisting underserved communities with sharing their history through the art of filmmaking. The program will create videos highlighting untold-but-inspiring African American history in Alabama. Students will be able to engage in research, media, videography, journalism, graphic designing, and much more.

This grant, awarded by the Alabama State Council on the Arts, enables Hiztorical Vision Productions to reach new audiences, foster community development, provide the highest quality programming, and demonstrate the importance of arts as a key component for quality life in Alabama.

The three-month internship program will be offered each year during the Spring semester. We are now accepting applications for 2024. The application deadline is December 1, 2023.

How To Apply: Submit your resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcript via Handshake or Send your resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcript via email to

2024 Class of BBH365 Internship Program


Donovan Williams

Donovan Williams is a talented writer and photographer with a keen interest in history and sports communications. Currently a senior at the University of West Alabama, he is majoring in Integrative Marketing Communications (IMC) with a specialization in Sports Communications.

Hailing from Uniontown, Alabama, Donovan's passion for storytelling extends beyond words to captivating visuals through his photography. A proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated, he values brotherhood and community engagement.

In addition to his academic pursuits and fraternity involvement, Donovan is an aspiring artist with a vision to leverage his creative talents in helping brands and athletes effectively market themselves. With a blend of artistic flair and strategic marketing knowledge, he aspires to make a significant impact in the sports and branding industries.

Donovan's diverse skill set, combined with his dedication to his craft and community, positions him as a promising professional with a bright future in the dynamic world of sports communications and marketing.


Malayshia Dunnigan

Malayshia Dunnigan is a historian and writer, currently in her first semester of graduate studies majoring in History with a focus on African American Studies at the University of South Alabama. Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, specializing in Multimedia Journalism, complemented by a minor in African American Studies.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Malayshia is an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, Women of Excellence organization, and Abenefuo Kuo National Honors Society. Her dedication to history is further reflected in her role as a writer and transcriptionist assistant at the South Alabama Archives department.

In addition to her scholarly and organizational involvements, Malayshia is a passionate poet who finds joy in crafting verses that resonate with her experiences and insights. With a penchant for forging new connections, she harbors ambitions of establishing her own newspaper company dedicated to uplifting and empowering black communities.

Her multifaceted interests, dedication to her studies, and commitment to community involvement mark Malayshia as a promising figure with a bright future ahead in the realm of African American history and journalism.


Rebecca Bain

Rebecca Bain, hailing from the enchanting Island of Nassau, The Bahamas, is on the cusp of graduating from Talladega College with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media and Communication. As an intern at Hiztorical Vision Productions during the spring of 2024, Rebecca has showcased her journalistic prowess and fervor for content creation.

A proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority, Inc., The Great Tornado Band, and Talladega's ISA, Rebecca is a shining example of dedication and active participation in both academic and extracurricular activities.

With a clear vision for her future, Rebecca aspires to establish her own multimedia company, reflecting her ambition, passion, and commitment to excellence in the realm of media and communication. Her diverse experiences and unwavering determination mark her as a promising entrepreneur with a bright future ahead.